Little Firecracker

Happy late Fourth of July!

Transplant meeting

Today is the day that all of the docs at Cincinnati Children's get together to talk about Lucy. They will be discussing her being listed as well as any other concerns for her transplant. Please keep Lucy in your thoughts and prayers as you go through your day!! Thanks again for your support and encouragement!

Quick update

So her is what's going on with Lucy lately.... She had to have a blood transfusion last week because her hemoglobin dropped pretty low. Ever since that transfusion she has been super energetic and eating and overall feeling a lot better

The Rundown

Ok so here is what we learned last week.
1. Lucy meets the size criteria to receive a transplant at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital.
2. They will more than likely take out her right (little) kidney at the time of transplant.
3. There are no other requirements from the doctors for her to receive a kidney.
4. We still have to meet with two more specialists before she can be completely cleared for the transplantation process (This includes being put on the transplant list or receiving a living donor kidney)which means another trip to Cincinnati in the next couple weeks.
Overall, it was a really good trip to Ohio and while we would love to have Lucy's transplant surgery done at Riley we are completely comfortable with the transplant team at Cincinnati and know that if she is transplanted there she will be in really good hands

Tomorrow is the big day!!

We are so excited to go to Cincinnati tomorrow! Although it is a little overwhelming and nerve wrecking to pack and make sure we have everything (we haven't taken an overnight trip in a couple years) it is hopefully all going to be worth the stress!! I imagine we will get a ton of new information at all of the appointments we have on Thursday and Friday so we will process it and then share our info with all of you! Thanks again for your support and continued prayers for Lucy and our family!! Our hope is that only good things are to come in our future


So as everyone knows Lucy needs a kidney to be able to have a better quality of life and to be able to thrive and grow. We have been in contact with Cincinnati children's hospital in hopes to have her evaluated so that we can finally get our precious girl her new lease on life! So here's the big news... After over a month of getting things prepared we are GOING to Cincinnati on July 14th and 15th! It is going to to be two really long days of meeting new doctors and new transplant staff but we are very hopeful that Lucy will get her transplant soon! With that being said, we are going to be experiencing more travel costs than we are currently( Cincinnati is three hours from our house) as well as many other transplant related expenses. Donating to this COTA page on behalf of Lucy is one way you can help our family during this time of financial need. We also appreciate prayers and positive thought sent up for Lucy! It really does help

Dialysis day

My hero

Lucy is an amazing little girl who never fails to amaze me. She is definitely the strongest person I know. I will be updating in this site periodically in Lucy's condition and our transplant process progress. I will also share Lucy's back story for those of you who don't know. However, that is a post for another day. I mostly would like to express mine and my family's utmost gratitude for anyone who takes the time out of their day to read this blog as well as anyone that donates or volunteers for any upcoming events. I will try to update as frequently as possible and thank you again for taking the time out of your day to read this.
Anna Hines... Aka Lucy's mama

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